Case Study


In 14 short years Provogue has gone from being a fashion brand to becoming a cultural icon of the young at heart. Initially it became a leading clubwear and party wear brand for those who lived life to the full. Soon it became an icon for those who lived life by their own rules. For those who were different from the world. Today it exemplifies the freedom to live by one’s own rules. It is a symbol of uniqueness, of being able to stand out, of not fitting in. Of those who Live Free.


Dixcy Scott has seen a transformation from a mass brand to stylish, trendy personal wear brand. By introducing Salman Khan as the face of Dixcy Scott we have taken the brand up a notch yet keeping intact its mass appeal. With the perfect marketing  strategy and a communication plan using Salman and his projects as a platform, Dixcy Scott today stands true to its philosophy, The Ultimate Winner.


Raheja Universal wanted to differentiate itself to gain prominence in the real estate market. The brand needed a complete makeover to have a personality of its own. We rebuilt the brand by rehashing the logo and developing a proposition that represents the brand as a confident, revolutionary and forward thinking real estate player.